Tackapausha Museum & Preserve

The Seaford Wellness Council is spearheading an effort to restore Tackapausha Preserve to it's original natural beauty by working with other interested groups, organizations and local Town and Nassau County Officials.

The goal is to restore the Preserve to a point whereby residents can comfortably enjoy it's natural beauty.  


We believe this can be accomplished by:

1) Replacing the old, rusty broken fences surrounding the Preserve with new fences

2) Conducting a site inspection to assure causes of pollution are eliminated, there is adequate water flow, and trails are widened and cleared of fallen trees that block passage 











3) Removing all graffiti, debris and litter

4) Repairing the trail bridges to their original style









5) Providing trail guide signs at all entrances along with information on the plants and animals that are indigenous to the preserve

6) Installing benches at scenic locations

We believe that this can be accomplished without compromising the natural integrity of the Preserve.

"The Preserve has unfortunately deteriorated to the point whereby residents are hesitant to visit and they are missing out on a beautiful resource right here in their own backyard.  It is no longer a welcoming site that will attract visitors.

If Tackapausha Preserve is restored and can be viewed as an attractive and safe place to visit, then we believe residents will be more inclined to utilize the Preserve for their recreational and educational pleasure."

- Michael Di Silvio, President Seaford Wellness Council

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